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Customers discovery via A/B testing and analytics

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We transform companies and evolve brands by creating audience-focused experiences. Inspired by creative, driven by technology and backed by data, we can help you connect with your audience and turn them into believers.

Understand what drives your customers to buy.

The question is not what gets customers to buy right now. The critical question is, what could be more effective in attracting customers? What could attract 40% more customers?

Improve conversion rate.

The higher your conversion rate, the more you get from your traffic and ads. Doubling the conversion rate is equal to increasing ad spending by a factor of 2.

Stay ahead of the competition.

It’s either you or them. If your competitors understand the customers better, they will attract more customers. We help you to monitor changes in customers’ behavior and react faster to market signals.


Most frequent questions and answers

Luxu focuses on two types of customers: consumer goods and apps. 

The reason we are focusing on these industries is the fast feedback loop. We provide the best results when there’s a short time between interaction and decision making. 

We have worked with many different niches inside these categories: FMCG, sport, outwear, outdoor, electronics, accessories, skincare, and many more. 

Sometimes. For us, paid ads are one of the multiple options to bring traffic. In many projects, we use a combination of SEO, influencers, Quora, YouTube, and other free traffic sources.

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Using cutting edge tools and techniques, Luxu Tech Strategists create digital marketing playbooks designed to scale revenues, boost brand awareness, and increase customer retention — all at the highest ROI and lowest cost. With our breadth of clients, we’ve developed growth insights across all major industries. No matter your goal, we’ve got you covered.

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