About Us

Luxu is an Hong Kong-based data-led agency. We believe that the future of marketing is in data, automation, and AI.

We use these tools to help companies achieve outstanding ROI on marketing spent.

Using cutting edge tools and techniques, Luxu Tech Strategists create digital marketing playbooks designed to scale revenues, boost brand awareness, and increase customer retention — all at the highest ROI and lowest cost. With our breadth of clients, we’ve developed growth insights across all major industries. No matter your goal, we’ve got you covered.

Luxu is made from a group of developers, marketers, and data-scientist. With a total of 115 years in marketing, we got you covered.

What we value

We test everything, multiple times and from multiple directions.

Having tests and many of them allow us to find the greatest channels, ADs and products in terms of ROI.

Our leader is data. We try to avoid hunches and trust data. 

With a team of data scientists, we let the data lead us to the right way.

In today world, we believe you must act fast, extremely fast. 

We know you won’t be able to find any company faster than us.