Amazon PPC is a great option to promote new products / rebuild momentum to old ones.

Why using Amazon PPC?

Sometimes, Organic efforts need help. That’s when Amazon PPC come handy, to give to an already good campaign a push.

How Amazon PPC works?

The way Amazon PPC work is similar to Google Adwords. Promoted products are going to be shown under set keywords. You, as an Advertiser, pay each time someone clicks on one of your product.


Know Your ACoS

ACoS?! Yes, the Average Cost of Sale.

The Average Cost of sale includes:

  • Product & Packaging Cost
  • Shipping to Amazon
  • FBA Fees
  • CPC

ACoS photo

Start only after you have 15-20 reviews

You want your product to have credibility, you want that when people will see or click on the AD, it would have enough reviews so they would buy. That’s why it’s recommended to start with ADs only after you have got at least 15-20 reviews.

Use Amazon to help you Find keywords

Amazon has a great system for finding keywords for you. It’s a good idea to use the automatic campaign in conjunction with a manual one, transferring good keywords from the automatic campaign to manual campaign.

Remove Bad Keywords

sometimes, Amazon won’t match the exact phrase/keywords getting your products promoted in nonrelevant searches. The way to overcome it is growing your ‘negative keywords’ list.

When you set negative keyword in a campaign, Amazon won’t show your ADs in any search terms containing that negative keyword.

Start with high Bidding On New Keywords

When adding a new keyword, start with a higher bid. That will allow the keyword to get ‘clicks’. Once some clicks been made, the price can be lowered.

Group Similar Products Under Same AD Group

A set of products and a set of keywords are made for each ad group. Because all products should appear for that keyword set, it’s important to keep in mind that you should choose a set of products that contextually fit those keywords.

Delete Nonperforming Keywords

Just as you keep adding new relevant keywords, work on removing the bottom 10% performing ADs every week or two.

Use Google Keyword Planner

Want to look for additional keywords for your AD? Google Keyword Planner would be able to generate you many ideas you can use:

Optimize Your Listing

Once you have found a good keyword, get it back to your listing. incorporate it in your listing/writing.

That’s way, you will improve your organic rank.

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