With Amazon new TOS, many are not sure what’s the best way to launch. We decided to create a Mega article for you, gathering all the resources about Launching a Product on Amazon.


  1. The best way to get good product launch? Launch as many as possible as often as possible.
  2. Better to focus on unique products rather than generic products.
  3. Unique products offer better profitability: They are not a commodity and can be priced higher.
  4. Launching new product can be capital intensive.
  5. Amazon is a great and huge platform; The bad side? They can easily change their mind, ban/close your listings etc.


  • On Pre-Launch: Create communities, via Facebook page / Groups around the topic of your product.
  • Once the community showed interest, you can launch the product.
  • Create single-use coupons.
  • Create an AD targeting on a group which would likely buy the product / or group which like competing brands. Give them a voucher for a discounted price (better, not lower than product cost – you don’t want to lose money on the launch).
  • At this point, It’s important to maintain your position. Do an AD every week or two providing coupons for 10-20 people each time.


  • Many products suffer from not having a pre-launch buzz.
  • Facebook page is a great way and channel to reach potential customers; They would be funneled to Amazon later.
  • It’s important to start on the right foot on Amazon product launch.
    • Create good listing
    • Great pictures
    • Good descriptions
  • Launch the product and ‘advertise’ it to your group and Email list. You can offer promotion, however, you CAN’T incentivize for reviews.
  • Work smart with coupons, otherwise, you can see all your inventory wipe out at a discounted price.
  • Advertise: Either on Amazon or Facebook


  • Few Steps strategy:
    • Create an Email list of potential customers
    • Get them excited about the product before it even arrives
    • When launching get to 25 GOOD reviews fast
    • Get everyone he knows to buy the product in the first week
  • Before Launch:
    • Start Building an email list
    • Start recruit people from different groups to your ‘beta testing’/trying the product.
    • (Optional) Run a facebook ADs campaign to drive traffic to an Email list sign up page.
  • Introduce your company (And future product) via email
    • Better to send it over few emails and not one very very long Email.
  • Join ‘Amazon Associates’, Amazon Affiliate network. This way, you could get some of the money back when customers would buy through the link in your Emails.
  • Get your list review other products first.
    • Otherwise, It can look suspicious to Amazon if many of your reviews are first timers.
  • Ask your followers/email list to check out your product
    • Don’t offer any incentive. You need to get them excited about your product by this point.
  • Follow up with anyone who bought, ask for feedback and for a review.
  • After you have got 25 reviews, move to next step: Launch
  • Offer limited discount code to your Email List
    • Use the early reviews to get them to buy
    • Ask your list to find you by searching the relevant searching term and then choosing your product.
  • Offer limited discount to Friends & Family
  • Share the discount on different Social Media / ADs
  • Follow up with buyers, ask for reviews
  • Only now, you can start with Amazon ADs
  • Create your own e-commerce website.


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