You! Yes, You! Do You know where you should spend your money?
Many times, I’m hearing different businesspeople telling “I’m going to spend more money on XYZ ADs; I heard they are amazing”. When Asked Why? What’s going to be the ROI? Many are left speechless.

In today online world, it’s really (really really really) easy to start a new campaign. The creatives can be ready in one afternoon, and by the evening the campaign is set.
The problem? Is the campaign delivering results?
Many times, good campaigns can cover the bad ones, and without careful analysis, we won’t know that one of them is bleeding money.

Do you measure your online (and offline) marketing efforts? Are you comparing them to the results?

All Decision about things to do should start with data. With what’s working and delivering results and what doesn’t.

Measuring is (HUGE) topic of its own. However, now I want to focus only on the idea of measuring. Even if the measuring is simple, primitive, and unsophisticated at the start – it’s better than nothing.
At Start, all you know is just being able to be able to recognize which of 3-4 campaigns is the best one.

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