SEO industry came through so many changes in the recent years. Instead of having serious of articles, we wanted to make a summary of today best strategies.

SEO Strategy

  1. Find Important Keywords where you are already ranking for:
  2. Create Content with these keywords:
  3. Promote your Content:
  4. Improve your website:


Finding Keywords

There are few tools to search for the right keywords, We recommend the following:

Think Long Tail

Long Tail Keywords are all the keywords which aren’t searched as much as your main keyword but are looked by same people who could be interested in your company.

The Strategy works as follow:

  • Find a relevant Long Tail Keyword.
  • Create an Article/content containing this keyword.
  • Promote that content.

Spy Your Competitors

MOZ has a great Chrome Extension for analyzing Keywords and websites. If you are serious about your SEO efforts – You should buy it.

Use Descriptive And Short URLs

Use Short and Descriptive URLs that are relevant to the content. For example, if you are L’oreal, it’s better your URL of the face cream would be l’ and not

Focus On Improving User Experience

Google focus a lot on user experince. They don’t want shitty website to appear in the search results. It means that the Longer people stay on your website, the lower the bounce rate, the better it is.

The Longer The Better

The 200 words articles don’t work any more. Google want GOOD content. Content people would love to read.

Get Better (And Faster) Hosting

User experince is everything for google. One of the easiest way to improve the user experince is having a fast website.

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