A problem many people are doing around their Facebook ADs is not crafting the message according to the buying/buyer stage.

As everyone knows, a customer is starting at not even knowing he or she has any need, to discover the needs, to finding solutions to buy a product.

Our ADs should target the customer/viewer current buying stage.

Let’s say you are selling a golf club which can improve the people swing. If your first AD would be ‘Great golf club at only 650$USD’, many of the potential customers won’t even think they have a problem.

What should be done?

  1. Your first AD should talk about Golf Swings and appeal to people who are bad at Golf.
  2. The AD would lead to a Landing Page.
  3. Now, we know that the visitors in the Landing page is interested. We can target him or her using Facebook Retarget Pixel.
  4. Now It’s the time to focus on Golf Clubs for Beginners, using a second landing page.
  5. NOW, Now the visitor/potential customer is ready. Now we can target them with an AD about the Golf Club.
  6. Ka-Ching



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