One of the oldest SEO questions is “What’s better, create high-quality content or building a lot of links?”

When you are small, it’s hard to do both, and you will have to decide and focus on one of the two; Which one should you focus on?

The answer is that there isn’t really clear winner; There are two different options:

Link Building

  • Link Building is more scaleable than content: It’s easier to generate links than generating a lot of content.
  • Linking can establish you as an authority by association.
  • Links Helps with SEO

Generating content

  • Content is what visitors value
  • It’s easier to get people to share valuable content
  • Google Love Good Content

The Results

Neil is sharing few case studies which are worth reading.

The End conclusion?

Focus on Content First. It’s much better in the long term. Don’t be scared if you don’t have a lot of readers yet. They will come, and when they would come, the good content would keep the hooked. Will make them want to stay and ready more. THIS will make your ranks become better and better.


You can read the full article in Neil Patel site:


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