Before we are diving into tips for improving the conversion rate, we need the right tools for analyzing customers:

Tips for better conversion rate

  • Offer Free Shipping
  • Use High-Quality photos of your products
  • Make sure (AND VISIBLE) that you are different and explain to the potential customers why and what makes you different
  • Offer free or very very cheap product
  • Try to catch customers attention before they leave. After they will leave, they would probably buy from someone else
  • Have a Phone Number
  • Provide AMAZING product return policy
  • Allow customers to review products
  • Make it easy to find the different products – through the menus and inner pages
  • Let customers know your eCommerce store is safe
  • Use cart abandonment software to automate emails (and retargeting ADs) which are sent to customers
  • Use Coupon Codes

Conversion Ladder

The Free Stage

Potential customers begin at an unaware stage. They don’t know they are looking for your product. You must educate them –– in a non-salesy way. If you are selling fishing lures, for instance, start with content about, “Seven Reason Why Your Last Fishing Trip Wasn’t Successful.” Maybe only one of those reasons is fishing lures.

At this stage, work to capture emails via pop ups as described below, or retarget visitors with ads to pull them back to the site. They are now aware they might have a fishing lure problem.

The $ Stage

In this first conversion stage (if you are measuring conversions as a sale), a customer may only be comfortable enough with your brand to buy something small. Offer an inexpensive lure that can help solve their problem as a tester. This is similar to the Badass Beard Care “free product” offer mentioned earlier.

At this point, you will have the customer’s email and can begin using an email nurture stream, rather than additional advertising dollars to continue them up the value ladder.

The $$ Stage

Now, they have tried your lure and like it. Offer them a subscription service to multiple lures, or monthly lures. Or, offer them a bundle. Either way, you are moving them up the value ladder.

The $$$ Stage

Often, each stage will require a new “awareness” problem. For instance, say you now want to sell someone a tackle box for all their new lures. First, you have to educate them on why their current tackle box isn’t fitting the bill.

In this way, the value ladder often starts over. The difference, however, is that you already have the customer’s business and email address. You don’t need to re-advertise to them. You just need to keep them engaged with your brand and content via email nurture streams –– and lead them down a new, higher cost funnel.

The $$$$+ Stages

At this point, your ecommerce business is more mature and it may make sense to partner with other brands to offer fishing trips (for example) to your audience and move them even further up both the value and engagement ladder. This is where your big ticket item purchases will occur –– after someone has purchased with you and trusts your brand.


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