Facebook (Or Actually Instagram) has started to offer insights and analytics function to business accounts.

How do you get there? First you have to turn your Instagram account to business account (You can learn how here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/502981923235522)

Instagram insights offer you a lot of data:

  • How many people saw your post?
  • What’s the engagement (either Like, Comment or save)
  • Views
  • Exits, the number of times a user skipped your story or exited out while viewing it

You can see Instagram insights with Graphs and charts – making them much easier to consume and understand.

The best way to use Instagram Analytics with Google Analytics. Then you can get all the insights about how many people came to your site via Instagram, ROI, and other insights which can help you to improve your Social Media Activities.


You Can read more on the following Link:

Instagram Insights & Analytics: A Deep Dive

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