Want to have an advantage? Focus on content. Based on a research from Altimeter, about 70% of marketers still lack an integrated or consistent content strategy.

One of the ways to generate a lot of content in case you don’t have a big budget, is leveraging users content.

Why using User Generated Content(UGC):

  • With UGC, you can understand your users better.
  • With UGC, you can get visitors to spend more time on the site.
  • With UGC, you would enjoy improves the brand’s search engine ranking and online visibility.

Great example of the power of UGC is Wikipedia which is based purely on User Generated Content.

How to create UGC?

  • First you have to understand the Community of people who share your products won’t be created in one day. It would take time.
  • Encourage participation through incentivizing.
  • Set a standard for members to follow.
  • Think in terms of the collective.
  • Be honest and transparent with members.
  • Promote your community to attract new members.
  • Be persistent and contribute regularly to develop a voice.
  • Allow members to be independent.


Hubspot are mentioning few interesting statistics:

  • 86% of Fortune 500 companies report communities provide insights into customer needs (Sector Intelligence)
  • 71% of companies use customer collaborations for market research (Aberdeen)
  • 64% of companies state the brand community has improved their decision-making (Innsbruck University)
  • 53% of Americans who follow brands on social are more loyal to those brands (Convince & Convert)
  • 80% of brands say that their community building efforts have resulted in increased traffic (HubSpot)


You can read more at Hubspot Blog:


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