Content Optimization - For better engagement

Optimizing content means that customers, as a group and individually, see the best material for them. By having the best content to them, we increase the chance they would convert and choose yours over your competitors.
Luxu content optimization includes a few steps: First, we use our tools to analyze your type of buyers and the way each one interacts with your content. We build a thesis, based on our previous industry experience, about what would make them take action.
Second, we perform multiple tests; we test which messages, formats, and ideas resonate with each group the most.
Lastly, we implement everything into your website and digital marketing collateral, and you see your results skyrocket.

Marketing Automation - for x2 marketing ROI

We live in the age of AI. You can get better results at a lower cost by automating your marketing and let AI control as much as possible. As a result, we are taking a lot of work from your sales team and let automatic systems do the heavy lifting, so your salespeople would be able to focus on what's essential: Closing more deals; while the automation helps them in the process. What are we going to automate? Using marketing automation, we automate outgoing emails to your prospects, based on their buying stage and how likely are they to buy. We automate the ADs they are seeing based on their past behavior.

How can it help you?

Better Results

Once your content resonate with your prospects, you can expect better conversions, more leads, and more sales.

Better AD spent

Marketing automation tools help you control costs, target audiences better, and achieve better personalization.

Better Engagement

By having a content which is relevant to your prospects' world, the more likely they would engage with it.

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