• Sometimes, creating enemies and fights is a great way to attract readers to your content.
  • The best way to make great friends (or followers) is taking strong position or side. As result, you will also generate a lot of enemies.
  • For Example, Moz, are mentioning the article about ‘Yoga Is a Good Alternative to Physical Therapy’ as a great way to generate friends (Yoga practitioner) and enemies (Physical Therapists).
  • Before you are creating this kind of content, ask “Who will amplify this? Why?”
  • When you are starting with the question ‘who believe in same things? Who believe in the opposite’. It’s much easier to frame and understand what topics to focus on.
  • Important points:
    • Backup your points with data. Never just through¬†statements¬†without data.
    • Don’t try to be provocative without anything to support it.
    • Don’t choose positions it would be impossible to protect.
    • Keep being professional.
    • Don’t take the hate personally.

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