Understanding the customers is the MOST important job you have as a business owner. Your success in developing new products and services is based on your ability to understand your clients.

How can you do it? Assuming you are not one of them, how can you know your customers?

At Luxu, We have few tools we are using:


Meme, these funny GIF / Images, are a great tool to analyze a group. It will show you what they care about, what makes them tick, what’s important to them.

Make yourself a goal: Finding 100 Different Memes from various Facebook Groups and forums which are frequently visited by your customers.


Facebook ADs

Asking customers what they prefer, not always give you the best answer. Because as humans, many of our decisions are made unconsciously.

So how can we still understand what people prefer? By letting them choose.

Fast way to let them choose, is with FB ADs. Creating multiple Facebook ADs, under the same ADSET, targeting the same people. Each Ad will have a different angle, different topic.

By seeing the Click through rate, you could know – which features/angles are more important to your customers and which are less important.

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