Let’s ignore the old fight or Links or content (we had addressed it in a previous post. The answer, by the way, is content). Instead, I want to focus on Which content to write? Which Keywords? The kind of questions that every SEO and marketing person will have.

Where to start with the content writing? A great way to produce content is to write about your data and how you analyze it.

Where to get the data from?

  • Sales Data: You can use https://www.google.com/trends/correlate to identify any keywords that follow similar patterns as your sales.
  • Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Search Console Data: What people are looking for? Is there any raise in search for specific terms? If so, you can write about it.
  • Surveys: If you have done surveys or polls, they could be a great way to tap into people interests.
  • Facebook Activities: What are your fans likes? What are their main activities? You can tap into that.


Up to this point, it is easy. However, making data interesting is the hard part. For most of the population, your data is boring!

You need to make it easy to understand:

  • What does the data say about you? Every person most interesting topics are his interests. Make the data about them, and you hook them to your article.
  • Graphics: People love graphics
  • Simple: Don’t go deep, go simple. People should find it easy to understand your content even if they don’t have D. in mathematics.


Great way to generate interest is by making the reader think “I haven’t thought about it, WOW.”

Now It’s your time to share! You have created the content, it’s interesting. Now you need to make people read it. Share it in related publications, write about it in your blog, Link in your Facebook – do everything to get it out there.

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