All Marketing is based AND need a good copywriting. The right copy would convert more people, be more convincing and will make our job much easier.

What are the ‘secrets’ for a good copy?

  1. It’s ‘unexpected’. With so many messages we are bombarded with every day and moment, it’s easy to just ignore. The right copy surpriseĀ us, take a different angle. Always better to be different than as everyone else.
  2. Instead of focusing on the product, on the features – focus on the experience. Your readers think about experiences, not features – relate to their world.
  3. The purpose of the headline is to get you to read the first line.
  4. “Humble yourself and truly serve your audience, listen to their needs and desires, listen to the language they use,” he said. “If you listen carefully, your audience can eventually give you everything you need, including much of your copy. Get out of their way.”
  5. NO! Jargon. There are few things people hate more than Jargon.
  6. For the last Tip – We recommend you to read the article.

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